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(our enemies join); let's go kill the king.
12 February 2030 @ 07:56 pm
this will be the last post made on this journal. i've decided to not entirely delete this journal because,

1. i only saved about half of the fics i posted here on my hard drive, and i don't want to have to waste my time saving the rest of them. maybe i will sooner or later though, most likely later.
2. this journal has a lot of memories for me.

all fics on this journal will be unlocked for all to read, since i won't be using it anymore, there is no reason for people to add me. so, if anyone has added me for my fics, you can de-friend me if you'd like. it makes no difference to me what you do (: however, i won't be unlocking everything all at one time, i'll just do it fic-by-fic when i have time (:
other than that, enjoy your time here (:

if this makes any difference, my new journal is repause and i will still be posting fics with that journal. all my fics will be posted at my new comm, voicefix . there will be a master fic list posted up there soon connecting with the fic list on yoochunlove .

bye folks


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