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lies and deceit. (in)sanity; it's all there.

well you're never gonna find it;;

(our enemies join); let's go kill the king.
15 April
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by the way your hands were shaking;;

as the light flows through the dainty drapes, i see the oh-so blue sky. well you're never gonna find it, by the way my hands are shaking. should have done something, but i've done it enough. should have said something, but i've said it enough. don't wanna waste my time with you. (windmill, windmill, crush my hopes and fall back up.) well you're never gonna hear me cause i'm long gone away. (it's all in how you mix the two; you're never gonna find it.) through everyone that feels it, see my dilemma; (i had no options left again.) but now i have some clarity. i'll never fight again, (and this is how it ends.)

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